BigCommerce SEO Experts Boost Ranking and Eliminate Errors


If you are launching a new brand, how can you beat a powerhouse brand for Google's first page rankings? BigCommerce SEO experts will tell you that it takes time, but it can be done. SEO is a game of tactics and patience. As a leading SEO company, we’ll divulge some of the secrets to beating big competitors at the online game we call search engine marketing.

We’ll use “running shoes” as our product, but the information and tactics will apply to any product or service.


What is a BigCommerce SEO Expert?

Every platform has unique characteristics, and BigCommerce is no exception. The complexities require experience to work through and troubleshoot. You want a company that knows the system.

However, getting your store running is only part of the solution. Running analytics and providing SEO is just as critical to your brand’s success. When it comes to SEO, everyone starts at the bottom, whether your company is a startup or an established eCommerce giant launching a new brand.

SEO agencies are digital marketing companies with experience building and migrating eCommerce sites to BigCommerce. They also provide the necessary SEO services to drive relevant traffic.

What They Do for Your eCommerce Store

If you think of every page of your website as a separate business, then each page must carry its weight and have a perfect score when it comes to SEO.

The first thing that a BigCommerce SEO company will do is to perform a site crawl or site audit to provide a snapshot of your SEO rankings, keywords, and any errors.


Technical SEO & SEO Error Management

One of the principal functions of a site crawl is uncovering errors on individual pages. These errors can be part of the site code and structure. Sometimes there are hundreds of them throughout the site, and each one must be fixed.

Here is a list of the most common SEO errors.

  • URL Too Long
  • Description Too Long
  • Duplicate Content
  • Title Too Long
  • Description Too Short
  • Missing or Invalid H1
  • Duplicate Titles
  • 4xx Error
  • Redirect Chain
  • Missing Canonical Tag

There are an additional 15 errors that a site crawl can uncover.

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